NWRP Official Custom Villages
The following villages are custom made, and is not in the original Naruto series/manga. Only official villages are listed here.
You may not create a character from these villages listed here unless given permission to do so by the village's creator/leader, if you don't know who's the village's creator/leader is, ask one of the kages or sannins.

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Storm Village
Village Information
Village Symbol
Known Village Names:

Storm Village
Hidden in the Storm
Hidden Storm Village

Village Background:

Newly created by the Arashikage, though nonetheless gaining popularity. A village formed in the grass country by Sai, the village quickly took wind, his lost relatives from Chishiogakure also moving there. Soon the village inherited another clan, Akushumi, with an amazing ability to use explosives, an art form highly respected by the Shippu clan. As it rose in power, the village began to make treaties, many complete, other's simply trade, all in all holding it's feud with Kusagakure over the land, but a unstable peace between the two, along with the trade agreements with Chishio.

Village Leader: (Referred to as the Arashikage or "Stormshadow")

The current leader of Storm Village is Sai
The original leader of Storm Village is Sai

Events of Note
2 Years ago: Creation of Arashigakure
3-5 Months Ago: Village participated in the destruction of Mist, the Arashikage ultimately destroying it

The Sites
The Village is located just in the borders of the Grass country
The Main Building in located in the far northeast of the village, just 25 meters away from the village walls
Other sites include the Academy, Kunai Range, and Shinobi Barracks

Home Clans:

Current Allies:

Current Trades:

Current Wars:
None, possiply a war with Kusagakure soon.

Current Members:

Former Members: