NWRP Official Custom Villages
The following villages are custom made, and is not in the original Naruto series/manga. Only official villages are listed here.
You may not create a character from these villages listed here unless given permission to do so by the village's creator/leader, if you don't know who's the village's creator/leader is, ask one of the kages or sannins.

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Shadow Village
Village Information
Village Symbol
Known Village Names:

Shadow Village
Hidden in the Shadow
Hidden Shadow Village
Village Hidden in the Shadow

Village Background:

The Shadow Village, known as Arithia was created by a 14 year old boy named Bane. The village was meant as a place for outsiders and outcasts alike to live and be in peace. Soon war came in as Konoha disagreed with a pact and begun a war that wasnt told in news, it just happened by Konoha's elite ninja, the ANBU. After the short war, over 200 ANBU died against the rebellion of Bane. During this calm, or after affect Bane enlisted a new recruit known as Rye. The village now had 2 ninjas and peace was restored until...the chuunin exams. At the chuunin exams Rye was entered, as a new pact between Arithia and the other villages. It was meant to test the strength of the Shadow Village. His team did remarkable on the first test, Rye even helped others passed. In the end Rye passed as #1. Then came along Daemon, who was now enlisted in Arithia's force. He was strong and learned alot. Afterwards 2 new enlisted people came; FireStorm and Ade. Soon after Bane left and so did Rye.(No one knew where he ran to) FireStorm became the leader, the village is known to be currently located in the Shadow Country, and that is all the information we currently have or want to post.

Village Leader: (Referred to as the Shadoukage)

The current leader of Shadow Village is FireStorm.
The original leader of Shadow Village is Bane.

Events of Note
(time unknown): Creation of Arithia
(time unknown): ANBU Attack - The attack on the shadow village occured the night after the pact was disagreed with. In that night over 200 ANBU came, and 200 ANBU died. As they reached the village Bane's 360 degree chakra field detected them. They all came at once, and it was a difficult fight. Mainly because of the odds. In the end Bane came out unharmed and 200 ANBU died the rest wounded. This made Konoha change it's mind about the pact, they planned to host a chuunin exams that would help bring Arithia in peace, but in the end it left Konoha in pieces.

The Sites
Shadoukage's Mansion and Administration: This is the place where the Shadoukage himself stays and lives, he also administrates tasks and duties as Shadoukage here. Guests and foreigners are allowed to sleep in the many guest rooms of the mansion. This building was hand built by the original Shadoukage, Bane. Though Bane had left new features were still installed, as in new rooms, battle arenas, chakra trainers, and more. This building is located on a hill in Arithia.

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Current Allies:
Heart Village
Nagosa Village
Darkness Village

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