NWRP Official Custom Villages
The following villages are custom made, and is not in the original Naruto series/manga. Only official villages are listed here.
You may not create a character from these villages listed here unless given permission to do so by the village's creator/leader, if you don't know who's the village's creator/leader is, ask one of the kages or sannins.

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Sage Village
Village Information
Village Symbol
Known Village Names:

Sage Village
Hidden Sage Village

Village Background:

The Hidden Sage village, known as Yomogikagure was located in a long, winding valley in the backlands of Earth Country, surrounded by immense cliffs and mountains, rising higher than any other structure manmade or natural for hundereds of miles around. The village itself was built throughout the lush valley floor, while the Shinobi and other warriors lived atop the high cliffs and rises surrounding the village. The village wasn't very well known and needed shinobi for little reason other than protection against the wild beasts that roamed the forests, and much time was devoted to artwork and learning. Villagers lives revolved around a balance with the spirits of the earth and devotedly believed and followed in them.

Village Leader:

The current leader of Sage Village is None (deceased, 4th unnamed). Currently under rule of late Yomogikage's assistant (Chimamire Deba).
The original leader of Sage Village is Yomogi no Tegura Kenja.

Events of Note
(time unknown): Creation of Yomogikagure
(time unknown): Village Destroyed - Flash flood sweeps through the valley and all villagers perish. Remaining shinobi warriors from outposts go through the valley to begin rebuilding and scouts are sent throughout other countries and villages to train, find shelter, retrieve supplies, and bring back recruits to strengthen the village.

The Sites
-Shinobi Outposts (large lookout buildings aptly placed along the tops of the valley. Includes light signal towers)
-Most important buildings washed away/destroyed. Remaining caves (used for storage/homes/etc.) washed out (currently empty).

Home Clans:

Current Allies:
N/A. (no contact whatsoever with other villages/countries other than scouts)

Current Trades:

Current Wars:

Current Members:
Tegura Nemith
Chimamire Deba
Roughly 100 other shinobi

Former Members:
Too many to list, approx. 40,000