NWRP Official Custom Villages
The following villages are custom made, and is not in the original Naruto series/manga. Only official villages are listed here.
You may not create a character from these villages listed here unless given permission to do so by the village's creator/leader, if you don't know who's the village's creator/leader is, ask one of the kages or sannins.

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Blood Village
Village Information
Village Symbol
Known Village Names:

Blood Village
Hidden in the Blood
Hidden Blood Village

Village Background:

The Hidden Blood village, known as Chishiogakure is a small village that was formed long ago in secret by Shinobi of the Villages of Sunagakure, Konohagakure and Iwagakure that were Annoyed and tired of the way that the VIllages were run on the Day to day basis. Upon the Creation of the Village, It was decided that none other then Shinobi may live there, and that to keep up appearances, the Ninja would also serve their homelands still. Due to how the Village is Run it is more of an Organization then an Actual Village, but the members are proud of their Heritage.

Village Leader: (Referred to as the Chikage or "Bloodshadow")

The current leader of Blood Village is Hanasuna.
The original leader of Blood Village is Unknown, Iwagakure members claim that It was a member of their Village that started Chishiogakure..

Events of Note
(time unknown): Creation of Chishiogakure
100 years ago: Chishiogakure Members are attacked by Members of their home villages in a desperate attempt to bring back their Shinobi.
After that Battle, The members became Much more secretive and no History was recorded until Kankuro became Nidame Chikage. Soon after his death, Imakii Hanasuna Became the Chikage, issueing in a new Era for Chishiogakure.
5 years ago: Imakii Hanasuna becomes Chikage and Reorginizes the Village, Requiring members to Live six months in the village a year. With Hana at the helm Chigakure became a Strong, well-orginized Shinobi Village and was soon Recognized by the Five great Villages as an official Village

The Sites
The Village is Hidden in the Mountians along the Borders of the Claw, fang and Grass countries
The Main Building in located in the center of the Village
Other sites include the Training arena, A small Academy and Shinobi barracks.

Home Clans:
Kabori (Caged Petal)

Current Allies:

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Current Wars:

Current Members:

Former Members: