NWRP Official Custom Jutsus
The following jutsus are custom made, and is not in the original Naruto series/manga. Only official jutsus are listed here.
You may not create a character with these jutsus listed here unless given permission to do so by the jutsu's creator, if you don't know who the jutsu's creator is, ask one of the kages or sannins.

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Kinjutsu (Forbidden Techniques)
Dagekishuuha, kukaku shingeki metsubou - Shockwave, Area Charge Destruction:
Character Use: BloodStorm
Rank: S
Range: Close ~ Far (0m ~ 6mi)
Type: Death Move

This is the Final Chance Jutsu of Bloodstorm. A Smaller Version of his Father's Ultimate Technique, this Jutsu Requires that Bloodstorm Sacrifice his life. To preform the Technique, Bloodstorm must Activate his seal to it's fullest potential, then bypass the healing gate. After doing this, he must focus the Chakra into his Heart, then Detonates his body, Vaporizing everything for a 6 mile radius.

Kage Kuchiyose Chou - Shadow Summon Block:
Character Use: DarkShadow Clan Members
Rank: S
Range: World Wide
Type: Supplementary
Note: Requires Seal of Darkness.

Kage Kuchiyose Chou - Shadow Summon Blocking is a Kinjutsu technique used by Darkshadow Clan members who possess the Seal of Darkness, also known as Dark Seal. By activating their seal, the are able to harness massive amounts of chakra, which they then use to buffer the space-time barrier that is breached during summoning and some teleportation Jutsus, negating their effect in full.

Kuroshadou Kakumei - DarkShadow Revolution:
Character Use: FireStorm
Rank: S
Range: World Wide
Type: Death Move

FireStorm's final death move. He uses all his chakra to destroy the world and engalf everything in pure darkness, but at the cost of his own life. It is unknown if it is stoppable as it has not been used....